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Dr. Brinkley is one of the world’s foremost authorities in Social/Economic Empowerment and is internationally recognized as a Leadership Development Specialist. She is the Leading Presenter of "The TLC" and Director of International Consulting and Empowerment at Corporate Warrior Consulting. She helps individuals and groups to define their purpose, and guides them step-by-step to reach their highest potential- with emphasis on health and wealth. Her passion goes beyond US borders to help emerging countries and underprivileged minority communities – with special focus on African countries. She combines her wealth of international leadership expertise with her depth of psychological understanding and training in the areas of Behavioral Studies, Human Services, Business, Christian Psychology, and Global Policy and Leadership for life-transforming teachings that empower and inspire change. Dr. Brinkley opens minds and touches hearts for personal transformational development to enable individuals to lead more effectively. She lives by the motto and creed, "I Live For the Sake of Others."

 Transformational and other Areas of Empowerment

  • Provide expertise on various  speaking platforms, radio and tv interviews concerning transformational leadership as a tool to empower all individuals within a society.
  • Author and publish books on subjects of transformational leadership and empowerment.
  • Traveled to Kenya to teach an International Pastors' Conference, appoint 5 Ambassadors for Peace to the Universal Peace Federation (NGO of the United Nations), and through a collaborative effort  with the U.S. Dept. of Commerce and the U.S. Embassy met with (3) Kenyan Companies and (2) Universities for potential trainings in Kenya. 
  • Presented Transformational Leadership trainings toThe Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) Logistics and Industrial operations College, which provides material support for aircraft and airborne weapon systems for the United States Navy.
  • Collaborated with representatives of  Nigerian President Buhari for Transformational Leadership in the new administration.
  • As a Corporate Warrior Consultant, served as a Speaker/Presenter at a Nigerian/JAM event to re-elect President Goodluck Jonathan, and facilitated the gathering of 150 Nigeria Diaspora to the Town Hall Meeting. The event coincided with President Obama’s “African Leaders Week” at the White House.
  • Participated in the White House African Diaspora Conference during African Leaders’ week in Washington, DC. Served as event speaker for Nigeria event on Transformational Leadership Development, Women and Youth Empowerment, Healthcare and Sustainable energy.
  • Authored the book President Goodluck E. Jonathan: Transformational Leader to educate people globally on the progress of the former Nigerian President’s Transformation Agenda.
  • Serves as Board of Directors member of a US-based revolutionary healthcare company, contracting with companies in Senegal, Gambia, the Republic of the Congo, and Nigeria to provide Healthcare Empowerment Education to promote longevity of life – including a 360° breast scanner that weighs less than 8 pounds and is taken to villages to prevent deaths from breast cancer.
  • The TLC is home to a Holistic Health program for Colon Health and treatments to aid with hypertension, diabetes, infertility, aging and more. 
  • Serves as Board of Directors member of the International Charity Center (ICC), helping disadvantaged individuals in Nigeria and other emerging countries to obtain housing assistanceand entrepreneurial business development aid through micro-finance.
  • Served as a Social Worker, Mental Health professional for the empowerment, self-determination and self-efficacy of disadvantaged persons.
  • Participated in a South Africa Roundtable Discussion with the Corporate Council on Africa, led by former South African Ambassador, Robert Perry.
  • While attending the U.S. Dept. of Commerce African Trade Mission to South Africa, developed an awareness and understanding of the B-BBEE Act and the Transformation agenda for South African businesses.
  • Collaborated with Secretary General Fred Wakhisi of the United Peace Federation-Kenya to appoint (5) Ambassadors for Peace in Kenya while on visit there.
  • Collaborated with Secretary General, Dr. Raphael Oko of the Ambassadors for Peace, Nigeria Headquarters for the appointment of Ambassadors for Peace in Nigeria and American diaspora.
  • Participated in the successful nomination of President Goodluck Jonathan to the Global Peace Council World Summit in August 2015 in South Korea.
  • Participated in the Global Business African Roundtable in Atlanta and presented the “Key to the City” to international guests.
  • Participated in an International Leadership Conference in Seoul, South Korea, and collaborated with political and private sector leaders from African nations to promote unity and peace for all persons, focusing on bridging inter-cultural and inter-religious differences.
  • Worked strategically with Ambassadors for Peace from Kenya and Nigeria. Initiated an Empowerment movement for Kenyan diaspora with former Kenya politician, Mtumishi, Njeru Kathangu-Chairman of Citizens for Justice.
  • Participated in the First White House African Heritage Forum sponsored by the USDA. Disseminated information via speeches at various community events for the empowerment of persons of African descent.
  • Provided Community Development Training to women administrators of the Nigerian government, Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA). This training included a proposed housing project similar to the US-based programs “Housing for Humanity” and “Youth Build.”
  • Owned (3) professional basketball teams in the ABA professional minor league as a platform to empower the community and to allow coaches and players the opportunity to live their passions with a professional sports team.
  • Taught special need populations as a licensed teacher across various school systems in the US.
  • Founder of the International Institute of Empowerment that provides education and high school diploma opportunities for those who are not able to matriculate the traditional school classroom.
  • Assisted with scholarship assistance for underprivileged high school diploma candidates in African nations to help them complete High School education. Students received an accredited US High School diplomacy, enabling them to further their education in the US or any country worldwide.
  • Participant on initiatives of the Women’s Federation of Peace concerning the empowerment of women, youth and children globally (gender equality, workplace equality, healthcare, reproductive health, fundamental rights, economic empowerment, and sustainable change).
  • Participated in the Honorable Catherine Russell Roundtable for Global Women Issues – U.S. State Department.

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