Message from Dr. Brinkley

 "The TLC is committed to helping you realize your Leadership, Health and Financial Goals. Visualize your Future, and the Future of Your Family, Company, Church or other Organization. We provide the tools and  leadership for the Manifestation of  your  Vision! Jesus said that above all else, His desire is for us to Prosper even as our Soul Prospers."

From the Desk of  LeVonder Brinkley, CEO



We provide wholistic treatment of the person as a whole- mind, body, financial, and social factors: Holistic Healthcare, Social/Economic Empowerment Education and Transformational Leadership Development trainings, Key-Note Speaking, Books and Publishing for Empowerment.



 It is the mission of TLC to end Poverty permanently. Our goal is to have an iML Academy in every home and available to every child, woman and man in our community so they can begin learning how to trade the Forex and Crpto Currency Markets, develop a multi-million $ business, and protect their families with ample insurance products! With adequate financial resources, the overall and physical health can improve. We are an innovative and data-driven company focused on enhancing your Financial Well-being, whether personally, for your church, family members, or an  organization. We provide Social/Economic Empowerment and Transformational Leadership  Development trainings, Key-Note Speaking, Risk Management Education; Forex Education/Products,  and Books/Publishing of Empowerment and  Leadership information.


Take a moment to think about what success means to you. How do you define personal success?  Next, visualize your ideal, future self, the future lives of your    spouse and children, or your company or church. What do you see and feel? Are you beaming  with energy? Do you have a healthy glow about you? Are you in the best shape ever? Are you  in love? Are your children prepared financially to live their best life? Do you have a supportive  community and a fun circle of friends?Are you financially independent? Do you get along well  with your business partners, colleagues, and employees, and family members?  Are you  adequately prepared for retirement? Are you living life as God Purposed you to?


 Make the decision today to allow "The Transforming Lives Center" to move YOU closer to your  Dreams and the life you were created to live.


Now ask the questions-


'"Am I living my true Purpose?"

"What do I want in this lifetime?"

"Will the outcome of my  decision move me closer to what I truly  want?"

"Does the benefit outweigh the cost?"

"Is the  level of risk worth the reward?"

"How  committed am I to the decision to change?"


 Once you make the decision to partner with us, YOU will be extremely happy that you  impacted a life,  and touched the future of humanity because you empowered the life of yourself and at least one other  person.


Please Contact Us to provide a Financial Empowerment or Transformational Leadership  service for you. 




Our Motto: 7 Powerful  Words:

"We Live For The Sake Of Others!



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