At the "Transformational Life Center," we believe that everyone has a STORY, that when told will empower the lives of others. The TLC publishes under the trade name "red noVeL Publishing House." You no longer have to entertain a long series of rejection and failed attempts to publish your book. Let us publish your book with TLC (Tender Loving Care), and compassion. 

To publish a great book, you need a great book publisher!  red noVeL offers a wide array of book publishing services that are guaranteed to produce a high-quality version of your book  that will be sold on Amazon, Barnes & Nobles and other distributors throughout the world. You will even own your personal e-commerce store for your book.

Our book publishing house will publish any book that empowers others. We cater to various book categories that include the genres: inspirational, children’s, novel, biography, poetry and more. You will have  full control every step of the way.


Exchange of Compensation for Value Received

Publishing compensation for the value you receive begins at $1,495 US dollars. That amount includes your book cover, ISBN, personal e-commerce site for your book sales, book immediately for sale on Amazon for global sales, e-book, and most importantly basic editing, and formatting. One revision is included in this value. PAYMENT ARRANGEMENTS POSSIBLE!

red noVeL Publishing House of  the TLC

(The Transformational Life Center)

will make your book publishing dreams come true! 


Get your manuscript published today with a caring book publisher. The TLC's red noVeL Publishing House prides itself in taking brilliant literary talents and introducing them to the world. Expect only the finest results in your book publishing endeavor.

                  Become a published author now and prepare to set out on a                      pivotal journey in your book publishing career!


                    Please contact us via the "Contact Us" page to have your                       EMPOWERING message told and published. 


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