Inspirational speakers are individuals who have overcome adversity, and can inspire your team to reach new heights...

Empower and FIRE-UP your Team!

Key-note Speaking



Motivational/Inspirational speakers help accelerate the performance engine of organizations. Research shows that when employees and members of an organizartion are engaged,  morale and self-efficasy increases and company profits follow suit. Motivational/Inspirational speakers are individuals who have overcome adversity, beat the odds, and invested insurmountable amounts of time and effort to reach for their dreams and achieve success – and can inspire your team to reach new heights.


Empower and FIRE your team by allowing Dr. Brinkley to engage, empower, and inspire your people. She will speak on the empowering issue of your choice and inspire your members to connect with the individual's and organization's  "Golden Thread."


If one  connects with his or her golden thread, (the thing we were brought here to do), then bringing all of the self to that thing is essential. It allows one to express his or her authentic and vulnerable whole and authenticity to the organization or cause. This then allows for expertness to flourish. Basically, Dr. Brinkley inspires Transformation.


       "The wonder of EMPOWERING is watching 


               caterpillars become butterflies"


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