College Funding Should Begin in the Crib

College Preparation and Funding For Our Children

We provide College Funding solutions through CollegeSmart Solutions. It  is an educational-focussed organization in the United States committed to helping students and parents navigate the college financial aid process and identify alternative strategies and sources of financial assistance. Our Certified College Funding Councelors, who are certified College Planners with a wealth of experience in college planning, admissions, financial aid, loans, finance, trusts, estates, taxes and accounting, help families with:

College Savings Strategies

College Planning
Applying for Financial Aid
Positioning Strategies
Graduate On-Time Strategies
High, Middle & Low Income Strategies
EFC Optimization Strategies
College Gifting Comparisons
Scholarship Strategies
Loan Strategies
Cash Flow Strategies
Risk Management Strategies
Financial Aid Appeals Strategies
CPA/Tax Planning Strategies
Business Owner Strategies


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